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World’s 10 Most Powerful Women: A Diverse Bunch

October 27, 2010
Michelle Obama

Forbes has identified the 100 most powerful women (top 10 listed here), led by First Lady Michelle Obama.

This year’s list is one of the most diverse groups of women ever. “The list itself also represents a cross-section of races, ages, elasticities and sexual preferences,” writes Jenna Goudreau, in her Forbes blog, The Other Half.

Here of the world’s top 10 most powerful women for 2010, as identified by Forbes:

  1. Michelle Obama, 46, First Lady of the United States.
  2. Irene Rosenfeld, 57, chief executive, Kraft Foods.
  3. Oprah Winfrey, 56, media executive.
  4. Angela Merkel, 56, German Chancellor.
  5. Hillary Rodham Clinton, 62, Secretary of State.
  6. Indra Nooyi, 54, chief executive, PepsiCo.
  7. Lady Gaga, 24, singer and performance artist.
  8. Gail Kelly, 54, chief executive, Westpac.
  9. Beyonce Knowles, 29, singer and fashion designer.
  10. Ellen DeGeneres, 52, talk show host.

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