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Finding Your Next Job Via Social Media

September 23, 2010

Monster and CareerBuilder don’t want to hear it, but these two stalwarts of online recruiting may soon lose out to social media sites when it comes to linking people with job openings.

By the turn of the century, job boards replaced newspaper classifieds as the preferred way for job seekers to learn about new work opportunities. A decade later, 2010 will go down as the year that job seekers and employers began to turn to social networks to find each other.

Most Emoloyers Now Fish Social Networks for New Job Candidates

A Jobvite survey finds that 83 percent of companies now use or plan to use social media to find new hires. Of the companies already using social networks for recruiting, 58 percent said they had made successful hires of candidates found through social networks.

“Success in this area is leading almost half of employers to increase recruiting program spending on social media,” according to eMarketer. “At the same time, more than a third of companies were lowering spending on job boards and search firms.”

Among companies that use social networks for recruiting:

For women business owners, social media hiring tools make sense, according to Rieva Lesonsky, writing for AOL Small Business:

“The writing is on the (Facebook) wall: If you are looking to hire, low-cost or even free methods like social media can get even better results than the more traditional ways. This makes a lot of sense to me — I’ve heard complaints for years about the inefficiencies of job boards.”

Top Job Search Strategies on Social Sites

Writing for Mashable, Dan Schawbel, a master of personal branding, provides a number of head-turning tips for job seekers who want to attract employers in the Age of Social Networking. Here are a few of his ideas:

  • Search for people at companies you like instead of searching for jobs.
  • Construct a video resume and put it on YouTube.
  • Advertise your personal brand using Google AdWords or Facebook Social Ads.
  • Subscribe to blogs that have job postings in your industry or area of expertise.

Also, see Schawbel’s list of Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job.

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