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Follow Your Passion, Business Success will Follow

July 6, 2010

In Your Shoes is pleased to have Holly Hurd, the founder of, as a guest blogger for today’s post. Holly is devoted to helping moms develop their business passions.

By Holly Hurd

Many business women don’t know what their passion is or what they really want to do. That’s a shame. It’s only when others see your passion that they want to hire you. On the other hand, when you love what you do, others see your enthusiasm. It’s contagious. They want to work with you.

If work is not your passion, it’s time to go on a personal journey. Here are some questions you should ask yourself to get the juices flowing:

Who in business do you envy?

Start with asking: “Are there other business women doing things you wish you could do?”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting something that someone else has. Get to know that woman. Talk with her. Ask her how she got started. Tell her you want to learn more and are thinking about starting a similar business or career.

What would you do if you could not fail?

Fear of failure can keep many of us from moving forward with our dreams. But what if success was guaranteed? Would you do it?

Fear of what others might think can hold us back as well. My advice is to go for it. If others are critical, that’s their problem. They have their own issues. Or perhaps they are secretly jealous that you are trying to find fulfillment in your work. They probably wish they could do the same.

When faced with such negativity, suggest that the person try something new as well. Talk with them and give them encouragement. By facing your opponents, it may help dissolve their negativity. It will certainly help keep negativity from creeping into your psyche.

Additional sources of inspiration for women entrepreneurs:

  • What is it that you used to love to do?
  • Take the class you’ve always wanted to take.
  • Talk with professionals working in areas that interest you.
  • Ask yourself: “What am I good at?”
  • What do you enjoy?
  • When are you most fulfilled?
  • What intrigues you?
  • When do you have the most fun?

Keep a notebook on you so that you can jot down ideas and inspiration.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Women, especially, are often their own worst enemies. According to a McKinsey Quarterly article, A Business Case for Women, internal research at HP, for example, showed that “women apply for jobs only if they think they meet 100 percent of the criteria listed, whereas men respond to the posting if they feel they meet 60 percent of the requirements.”

Am I there yet?

You may have to go down several paths to find what makes you happy. That’s OK. The key is to keep trying new things to pursue your goals and interests.

How will you know when you’ve found your passion? You’ll know when it’s something you think about all the time. You’ll know when you can’t wait to get up in the morning. You’ll really know when your husband and friends are sick of hearing you talk about it.

DO IT already!

In Your Shoes is created by Johnston & Murphy, offering quality shoes and outerwear for women and men. We welcome your comments and contributions.

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  1. August 20, 2011 7:36 pm

    Follow Your Passion, Business Success will Follow

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