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Fashion Friday: How Many Pairs of Shoes are Under Your Desk?

May 14, 2010

The past few days I’ve been in NYC meeting  some great business women and chatting about PR, Twitter, reality TV, and of course…shoes!  Although I’ve been to the Big Apple several times, it always seems to amaze me that there are inevitably a few women gracefully gliding down the sidewalk in stilettos.  How do they do it?  Do they have an insanely high threshold for pain?  Do they always take taxis?
shoe pile
The reality is that there is barely a soul who hasn’t packed some soles – flats, sneakers, even flip-flops – in their handbag.  Now women have resorted to keeping a graveyard of shoes under their desks.  How many pairs do you have secretly stashed?

No need for the shoe pile if you have a pair from Johnston & Murphy.  With memory-foam cushioning and quality construction, we have achieved the perfect combination of comfort and style.  Try a pair of our pumps, wedges, or sandals and say farewell to the footwear under your desk.

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